“…to equip the Saints for works of service!”

Our Purpose

We offer a warm welcome to all, whether you consider yourself a ‘saint’ or a ‘sinner’.

We believe that you exist because God did not have anyone quite like you…. and He wanted someone just like you!

Therefore, no matter who you are, you have unique gifts and talents to share. Our purpose is to equip, guide, teach and resource you, as you use them to advance the Kingdom of God.

Of course, if you do not serve Jesus yet, we would love to help you find your purpose in Him!

Our Communities

Those attending Saints Church come from all over the city!

We love to worship and study the Word of God, but we also want to invest our energy outside of the church’s Sunday service. Our hope in doing this is to help others experience the Kingdom of God. With this in mind, we create partnerships to serve the communities we live in. In doing so, our emphasis is to serve alongside others rather than creating lots of separate programs exclusive to the church.

Our Opportunities

Here are some of the unique opportunities that Saints Church provides:


‘Haverim’ Bible Studies

An interactive unique way to learn with an emphasis on how to study not just what to study.


'The Flow' Discipleship Program

Offering a way to mentor and be mentored. It can help anyone, disciple anyone else, in anything.


'Because You’re Loved' outreach program

Three one-week campaigns per year that help equip the saints to show their faith, speak their faith and bring people to faith.

Saints Youth

A Wednesday night gathering for young people, training them to live out an authentic faith. Plus offering lots of opportunities to grow real relationships with their peers and experience God’s love.

Saints Kids

Our Sunday morning will train children to understand the Bible for themselves. Plus receive care and attention from some of the most passionate Children’s leaders around.

Our Hope

There are many factors that can drive a church such as; programs, attendance figures, buildings projects, big personalities, specialist doctrines and more.

At Saints Church, however, our primary desire is to share God’s love in our neighborhood, our city, and our world.

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