A partnership to bless our neighborhoods, our city, and the world!

Our Partners

Our Partner for the City:

Mission Arlington

Taking Church to the People

Mission Arlington® is more a movement than a strategy, more a spirit than a structure, more like a family than an organization. It’s not about religion, and it is as much about God as it is about people.

For these reasons, and so much more, Mission Arlington® doesn’t fit into the customary language of the church, nor does it fit into the typical category of social work. God has done something amazing here, and He has done it in His own time and in His own way.

Our Partner for the World:

Pais Movement

Missionaries making Missionaries

The Pais Movement is a global non-denominational organization that creates partnerships between schools, community projects, businesses, and churches.

Pais provides pathways and people for churches who want to recapture Jesus’ methods of mission, discipleship, and study. The organization offers free apprenticeships in Christian leadership. Paul Clayton Gibbs founded the movement in 1992 which has grown from one single team in the U.K. It has now become a global enterprise with teams and headquarters on six continents.

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