Haverim Bible Studies are run in courses at different times of the week



... to God’s heart for our community

Haverim means ‘friends who study together‘. It provides a unique way to understand and share scripture. The method is based on a Biblical system and teaches people how to study not simply what to study. Haverim Devotions approaches the Bible in a unique way and appeals to all personality types. It is simple and easy for anyone to adopt and is most enjoyed in a small group setting.


... to advance the Kingdom of God

In our Haverim Groups we build lasting friendships and connect to God’s heart. We do this in order to advance the Kingdom of God in our own lives and the life of our community.


... to be people of change.

Haverim is a unique and fun way to study anything anywhere! Everyone is welcome to come and learn or be trained by us to set up your own group with friends in a coffee shop, at work or anywhere!

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